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Urban Space – BASF in the life of a city

August 2015

Until 14 August, the Urban Space is located in Berlin Central Station, as part of the Creator-Space-Program in celebration of BASF's 150th anniversary.

Whether in your kitchen, study, garage or in your child’s bedroom – BASF products are everywhere in your home. To discover how chemistry is used in our daily lives, you can visit a special exhibition. The Urban Space is a part of the Creator Space Program during BASF's anniversary year.

In the interactive apartment “Urban Space”, BASF presents its solutions for urban living and how these help support sustainability in city living.

Big cities have to meet the many needs of their citizens: preparation of food, heating in winter and staying cool in summer. They need clean water, want to go shopping and be mobile, which, in turn, leads to busy roads, high energy use and air pollution. Also consumer behavior, lifestyles and leisure activities are just as diverse as the city's population itself. Increasing urbanization also presents BASF with new challenges. The goal is to develop solutions for urban life that not only conserve resources and protect the environment but also improve the lives of the people in the city. Whether people know it or not, BASF products influence urban life where residents might not expect them.

BASF products are not only used in building projects but also in everyday products: At the “Urban Space” exhibition visitors learn, for example, how plastics help runners get ahead, detergents' biodegradability is improved and diapers become even more absorbent. The exhibition illustrates where products and applications from industries such as automotive, nutrition, water, energy and living are used in an urban environment. Via QR codes for every product group, visitors can learn more about the presented products and solutions.

At a DJ booth visitors can convert energy and use it to play music and anyone who takes a picture of themselves at a booth and posts the photo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #urbanspace can win a prize. Using postcards, visitors also have the chance to stick their ideas on future urban living to a tree in the courtyard of the apartment. These ideas are regularly shared by a blogger on the Creator Space™ online platform.

The Urban Space exhibition welcomes its visitors in the following German cities:

  • Berlin Central Train Station – August 1 until August 14
    Location: Level 0, Mittelsteg, Central Area
  • Munich Airport – September 1 until September 28
    Location: Terminal 2, Pier Mid-Area Plaza South, Level 04
  • Frankfurt Airport – October 2 until October 31
    Location: Terminal 1, Gate B-East, Level 2 between Check-in Hall B and Marketplace Waiting Area B Domestic

Urban Space in Johannesburg

End of June BASF has launched its unique urban space concept exhibition at the BASF South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa Day exhibition in Johannesburg. 500 m2 exhibition space was transformed into various living areas and visited by guests from business, society and media as well as South African government representatives.

The various spaces showcased BASF’s solutions for that particular area, for example in the ‘garage’ space, visitors were shown the broad range of solutions applicable to the automotive industry and in the ‘backyard’, delegates sat on garden benches where crop protection solutions were on offer.

Apart from the many networking opportunities and activities, such as generating light by cycling, customers could offer answers on the ‘What If’ wall where BASF posted challenging questions around global topics of food security, smart energy and urban living.