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The chemicals industry makes sustainability measurable

December 16, 2016

With the 40 indicators developed by the German chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry's sustainability initiative Chemie3, we can measure the progress of sustainable development in the sector.

The indicators measure economic, environmental and social criteria. They range from competitiveness of the chemical industry on global markets and greenhouse gas emissions to the retention rate of apprentices. With the alliance partners agreeing on 17 indicators that measure social progress alone, the chemical industry has once again taken a pioneering role in German industry, just like it did three years ago by introducing industry guidelines for sustainability.

“We are committed to creating transparency about how our industry is progressing on the path to sustainable development. In doing so, we are meeting both the standard that we set ourselves and a justified demand that stakeholders place on Chemie3. At the same time, we aim to use the 40 indicators as drivers, showing us where the industry is already doing well and where there is room for improvement,” emphasizes VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) President Kurt Bock during the presentation of the indicators in Berlin.

The indicators are aligned with the Chemie3 guidelines and reflect the fields of action that the industry itself, but also its customers, suppliers, employees, neighbors and politicians, see as particularly important.

About Chemie3

With the launch of Chemie3 in May 2013, the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the IG BCE (Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries Union) and BAVC (Employers' Federation for the Chemical Industry) set the common goal of embedding sustainability as a guiding principle in the German chemicals industry and enhancing their contribution to sustainable development. For the three alliance partners, sustainable economic activity guarantees a successful future for the chemical industry. The twelve “Sustainability Guidelines for the Chemical Industry in Germany” provide orientation to the companies on the direction in which the industry wishes to develop and which issues are of particular importance for sustainable development.