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BASF discusses the national sustainability strategy

Mar 31, 2016

Panel discussion: Host Andrea Thilo, Ulrich Kelber, Parliamentary Secretary from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, and Thorsten Pinkepank, Director of Sustainability at BASF SE. (Photo: BPA/Tobias Tanzyna)

Sustainable development means linking economic, environmental and social issues. It is important for different social groups to work together. That is why constant dialog with our stakeholders is an integral part of sustainability management at BASF. This is also the case at the discussion events initiated by the federal government to encourage national dialog on the sustainability strategy. Earlier this year, BASF participated in an event in Bonn, where 200 people contributed their ideas to the dialog.

“Sustainability is also an economic and growth driver for us. It is important to think outside the box and look at the entire supply and value chain. Sustainability is an investment in the future, both for companies and for society,” said Thorsten Pinkepank, Director of Sustainability at BASF SE, at the panel discussion.

Along with the issue of sustainable economic management and consumption, the workshops also examined urban and regional development and how to prevent poverty from the point of view of sustainability.