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BASF at the New Metrics Conference 2016 in Boston

December 02, 2016

From November 14-16, Boston turned center stage for the annual Sustainable Brands New Metrics conference. Gathering over 100 high-profile speakers from leading companies and the educational sector the conference focused on emerging methods for identifying, measuring, and quantifying new forms of business risk and value for companies that seek to develop a profile in sustainability. Among the topics discussed were supply chain impact, sustainable corporate operations and investor trends and relations.

Charlene Wall-Warren, Sustainability Director BASF North America, shared some insights on BASF’s sustainability strategy.

During the three-day event, BASF representatives joined a number of workshops and panels to share insights on BASF’s sustainability strategy.

Brooke Gast, Sustainability Manager BASF North America, participated in a panel discussion and highlighted how BASF contributes to the UN SDGs together with Novo Nordisk and SAP – other brand leaders achieving the SDGs through their products, services and corporate citizenship for the common good. She said:

“BASF supports the goals of the SDGs by minimizing impacts along the value chain as well as through our products and services. Of particular interest to BASF are the final products and value chains that our innovations support—we provide innovative solutions that will help meet the changing demands of the future at scale that will make meaningful contributions to a truly sustainable future. The SDGs provide a great framework for us to understand, articulate and collaborate for real collective impact.”

Video on how the Eco-Efficiency Analysis works

Bruce Uhlman, Manager Applied Sustainability, BASF North America was a panelist and presenter at the “Supply Chain Leadership: The Cutting Edge of Ambitious Supplier Engagement for Sustainability” workshop. Uhlman shared BASF’s strategies for collaborating along the value chain as a leading and innovative solution and sustainability services supplier. One strategic service highlighted was BASF´s tool for measuring sustainability, the Eco-Efficiency Analysis. Eco-Efficiency Analysis looks at environmental impact in proportion to a product's cost-effectiveness. It helps BASF, BASF’s customers, and customers’ customers to decide which products are the best choice, both ecologically and economically. Uhlman highlighted a successful case study completed with Bemis where BASF strategically leveraged multiple in-house tools and sustainability expertise to help Bemis launch and differentiate their new market offering, all-plastic shopping carts.