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BASF supports “Plant a Billion Trees”

July 22, 2016

Glasurit®, a premium brand of BASF, supports the Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation (YGF) to fund the planting of trees in Yunnan Province in China via the newly launched “Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program”.

The global “Plant a Billion Trees” campaign, conceptualized by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and supported by YGF, aims to restore severely degraded forests by planting a billion trees all around the world helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change. YGF supports “Plant a Billion Trees” by planting new trees to ensure healthy forests in the critical habitats in Yunnan Province, China, which is home to the endangered Yunnan golden monkey.

Within the framework of the “Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program”, selected auto Bodyshops that use the premium Glasurit 90 Line waterborne refinish paint, are invited by BASF to join the program. All donations will be aggregated by BASF and then donated to YGF, which will use the funds to plant trees. The first trees that have been funded in this way will be planted by YGF in August of 2016.

“Our ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ campaign aims to plant one billion trees in Brazil, USA and China by 2025 to restore forests and protect their residents. Planting trees is an effective way to absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and helps to strengthen the soil and protect birds and other wildlife,” said Mr. Zhao Peng, China Country Director from TNC. “We are excited to see this campaign continues to grow in Yunnan Province thanks to BASF and YGF.

Environmental protection through forest restoration

“With their low volatile organic compounds and high eco-efficiency, refinish paints from the Glasurit 90 Line exhibit excellent environmental performance. Now together with auto Bodyshops, we can contribute in another way: by supporting environmental protection through forest restoration,” said Chris Titmarsh, Vice President, Regional Business Management, Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF.

For over 100 years, Glasurit has stood for professional solutions and first-class quality. Glasurit today works actively with auto Bodyshops to master the sustainability challenges of the future. Its pioneer initiative, “Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program” in Australia, has planted thousands of trees in partnership with Carbon Neutral Australia, a greenhouse gas emissions reduction organisation.

Birgit Hellmann
Global Sustainability Communications