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BASF at Sustainable Brands conferences in Europe, Africa and North America

June 21, 2016

BASF was represented at various Sustainable Brands conferences in May, discussing how sustainable solutions can be used to master the challenges of the future together with other participants from business, science, politics and other sectors of society. Discussions in Cape Town, Barcelona and Istanbul looked at how BASF can use the Sustainable Solution Steering® method to contribute to a more sustainable future, among other topics.

Astrid Palmieri, Sustainability Coordinator BASF Europe, Petra Bezuidenhout and Juliet Mdluli, both from Communications and Advocacy BASF Holdings South Africa, at the Sustainable Brands conference in Cape Town

This year was the first time a Sustainable Brands conference has been held on the African continent. In Cape Town in mid-May, the event focused on how useful partnerships can drive business success and create positive social and environmental change. Astrid Palmieri, Sustainability Coordinator BASF Europe, provided insights into the Sustainable Solution Steering® method, which BASF has used to investigate and assess 60,000 solutions for sustainability aspects. She talked about how steering the portfolio towards sustainability is driving profitable growth for BASF and sustainable value for its customers.

Astrid Palmieri also explained how the method influences the company's business strategies. “Sustainability is an integral part of the 'We create chemistry' strategy and a major growth driver. This means not only taking customer needs and expectations into consideration – but most importantly contributing to a more sustainable future where being environmentally and socially responsible goes hand in hand with running a profitable business.”

150 children took part in lots of fun experiments at the BASF Kids' Lab on Sustainable Sunday.

Fun experiments with sustainability

The Sustainable Brands conference in Barcelona kicked off with “Sustainable Sunday”, when 150 children between the ages of six and 12 took part in the BASF Kids' Lab. Visiting the Cosmocaixa science museum in Barcelona, the young visitors seized the chance to slip into the role of a scientist for a day and try out experiments on water purification.­

During the two-day Sustainable Brands conference in Barcelona, participants discussed possible obstacles they encounter when it comes to sustainability in their company, and searched for solutions. 

Peter Gräve, Communication & Advocacy Manager BASF CC Iberia, talked about the Sustainable Solution Steering® method.

Manager BASF CC Iberia, used his speech to focus on the Sustainable Solution Steering® method.

He used various accelerator solutions to demonstrate how fuel additives from BASF can help to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in the automotive industry, for example. Bringing his presentation to a close, he emphasized, “At BASF, sustainability not only means ensuring that our customers generate profits from innovative solutions, reducing environmental impacts and mitigating the risks for our stakeholders; it also means connecting people and creating chemistry among them.”

BASF project promotes education in Turkey

The next Sustainable Brands conference took place just a few days later in Istanbul. In his talk, Buğra Kavuncu, CEO of BASF Turkey, gave participants an insight into the state of education in Turkey. Only 12 percent of adults in Turkey have a university degree, while 11 million children at elementary school are lacking adequate physical and technological infrastructure, he said.

In an effort to improve the situation, BASF Turkey has launched a joint project with the Ministry of National Education, setting up 60 chemistry labs at schools in 60 different cities and supplying the necessary equipment. The plan is to set up another 10 labs by the end of the year, with an ultimate goal of 81 chemistry labs in 81 cities.

Another presentation during the two-day conference, by Tolga Demirözü from BASF, focused on supply chains in emerging countries. The IT and Supply Chain Manager spoke about supply chain management at BASF and the launch of a three-year project that will review and improve the structure of supply chains in emerging countries in Europe.

BASF contribution in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Brands flagship conference took place in San Diego in June. BASF participated for the 5th year as a platinum sponsor. The theme of this year’s conference was Activating Purpose, promoting companies along the value chain to work together for more sustainable supply chains, products and consumption patterns. BASF led several discussions about how innovation and chemistry can enable a more sustainable future. Charlene Wall-Warren, Director of Sustainability, BASF North America, gave a keynote presentation and participated on two panels to promote BASF’s support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the way BASF technologies and innovations contribute to meeting these global goals. In addition, Douglas Brown, Manager Business Strategy and Sustainability, BASF North America, led a panel discussion with Ford, Shaw, Steelcase and EcoSafe Zero Waste on groundbreaking innovations that enable more sustainable consumption.

The next Sustainable Brands conferences in which BASF will participate will be on September 6 and 7 in Buenos Aires, in Copenhagen from September 26 to 28, and in Boston from November 14 to 16.