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Suvinil sponsors “Zoo Urbano” exhibition in Brazil

November 28, 2016

“The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The Monarca Suvinil allows the digital community to exchange views on environmental issues“, says artist Tito Cunha.

In October, the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Brazil, turned into an outdoor menagerie. 22 animal sculptures, up to 5 meters tall and manufactured from urban waste, turned the spotlight on the megacity’s environmental issues. Viewers were encouraged to think about their role and the human impact on the environment.

With its 22 million inhabitants, São Paulo is the seventh most populated urban area in the world. Ensuring a steady supply with drinking water is a major challenge. Uncontrolled land use, a rapid industrial development, and an inadequate waste management system are further challenges.

In an attempt to address this issue Suvinil, BASF’s leading brand for decorative paints in South America, has created Alèm da Cor, an interactive platform, which financially supports local projects in the social and cultural sphere.

“The latest project, ‘Zoo Urbano’, was very important to us," says Carla Camargo, Suvinil Marketing Director, BASF Brazil. "The exhibition helped raise awareness of sustainability issues. This is also in line with Suvinil’s goals.”

Interaction with the public

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the interactive sculpture “Suvinil Monarch Butterfly” by artist Tito Cunha. Its many monitors deal with e-waste and display the visitors’ videos and photos uploaded to Instagram using the hashtags #ZoourbanoSP, #AlemDaCor and #SuvinilNoIbira.

The exhibition will move on to Ubatuba and Miami later this year.

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