19 September 2017
Saudi Arabia

Espacio Inclusivo – a Starting Ventures project

September 19, 2017

Living space, healthy nutrition, sanitary and medical care – all over the world, people are striving to improve their living conditions. The key to improvement is often education and a job to ensure a secure livelihood and prosperity. Companies offer opportunities for both: availability of jobs around the world as well as access to affordable products and services to improve the quality of life. In doing so, new markets and partnerships open up. Since 2016, the BASF program Starting Ventures has supported projects which link these advantages.

One of these projects is “Espacio Inclusivo” in South America, an automotive industry project that aims particularly to improve vocational education. Local body shops, who are customers of numerous BASF products such as refinish coatings, face a lack of qualified employees. BASF and local training centers support unemployed teenagers and young adults in their training to become automotive spray painters or dent removal professionals. After finishing their education program, they are recommended to our customers for hire. With a secure income, these young people can pay their own way while also expanding the market for BASF products.


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