hte GmbH

the high throughput experimentation company

We accelerate research and development in catalysis.

Außenansicht hte GmbH - the high throughput experimentation company

hte stands for "high throughput experimentation". The basic principle of high throughput research is parallelization. This means that experiments are conducted at the same time and not one after the other, as is usually the case. This makes research and development faster and more cost-effective.

Our technology and services comprise:

  • R&D Solutions: Research cooperations in our modern laboratories in Heidelberg and
  • Technology Solutions: Integrated hardware and software solutions, enabling our customers to establish high throughput workflows in their own laboratories.

Digitalization plays an important role here and poses new challenges to chemical catalysis and process research. Our software products solve these challenges and support researchers in structuring, analyzing, and visualizing the large quantities of data that are generated in high throughput experiments in a simple and integrated way.

As the market leader in high throughput research, we work on socially significant issues such as protection of the environment and climate, energy efficiency, and mobility. 

We enable our employees to develop creative ideas in an exciting and international working environment. In addition to an attractive salary and flexible working hours, we offer:

  • An open corporate culture: Flat hierarchies, short communication channels, an informal culture and an open-door policy.
  • Convenient location: Easy to reach by car and public transport ‒ with JobTicket offer.
  • Extensive catering: Canteen as well as free drinks and fruit.

Further benefits: Joint corporate events, subsidized fitness offering, rental bikes, attractive construction loans, and preferential terms with various insurance companies.

We are proud to work in a team of over 300 highly qualified employees. Many of the most experienced and competent chemists, engineers, and software specialists in the field of high throughput research work at hte on socially significant issues including the future of energy and raw materials.

Not just anyone can test and optimize catalysts correctly. It takes know-how, experience, and the right technical facilities. hte combines all of these things at its site in Heidelberg, Germany. Twenty years ago we operated laboratories covering an area of just under 5,400 square feet; today our laboratories, workshops, and offices extend over more than 96,800 square feet: the optimum research environment for our customers.

Discover the development and career opportunities at hte and become part of our team. We offer a whole range of employment options for students, professional newcomers, and experienced professionals. Find the right job for you now at

What makes working for us special?

  • We are market leaders in the field of high throughput research. With the help of our technology, we offer solutions for the energy and climate-related challenges of our time,
    for example what the supply of energy and raw materials will look like in the future. Our employees work on ambitious research projects of great scientific and social relevance.
  • Assuming responsibility, taking the initiative, providing specialist knowledge – these are the challenges that employees of small and medium-sized enterprises like hte are faced with.
  • Our experts combine specialist knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm. This combination enables us to work successfully for our customers.
  • Our goal is to find high-quality solutions, guarantee the greatest customer satisfaction, and act cost-consciously.
  • Our employees gather experience on an international level and work with some of the world’s leading energy and chemicals companies.