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Welcome to BASF in Lemförde...

... to the world of polyurethanes.


We welcome you to our site in Lemförde on Lake Dümmer in Lower Saxony. We, that is about 1700 employees, also see ourselves as "magicians".  Why? Our polyurethane is considered the "magician" among plastics. 

Let yourself be enchanted by the employees in the company, the region around Lake Dümmer and the Stemweder Berg, and the fascination of polyurethane. Become part of a motivated, creative and innovative team... far away from stressful and hectic "urban traffic", but at the same time with good connections to Osnabrück and Bremen, among others. 

Sitze und Sitzbänke sind im VisionVenture einer besonderen Belastung ausgesetzt. Sie dienen zum Essen, Spielen, Schlafen und die Kissen werden oft als Stufen benutzt, um die hohen Regale zu erreichen.Für die Kissen wählten BASF-Experten daher die bewährten Polyurethan-Schaumstoffe Elastoflex® und Elastofoam®. Diese Schaumstoffe werden sehr häufig für Stühle, Armlehnen und Rückenlehnen im Möbel- und Fahrzeugbereich eingesetzt. Die guten Fließeigenschaften des Systems geben dem Konstrukteur viel Gestaltungsfreiheit und ermöglichen es zum Beispiel auch, die Innenteile der Polsterkissen mit Schaumstoff abzudichten.  Foto: Hymer GmbH & Co. KG

We are ONE motivated team: creative, with doers, visionaries and winners and one common goal: to inspire our customers all over the world and to develop the solutions of tomorrow together. We are many and many things, but above all we are ONE team. We are one.

Our entire Performance Materials division comprises over 7,500 employees worldwide. The portfolio consists of innovative and customized plastics used worldwide in the important sectors of transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods.

Our "magic formula" for successfully shaping the future together with our customers lies in the constant drive to accelerate innovation, the willingness to embrace digitalization and living sustainability for a better future.

A great example of a joint project in close cooperation with our customers is the Vision Venture. Here, polyurethane from Lemförde plays an essential role.

Here is a small foretaste and insight into the world of our (flexible) foams. 

More information about our Performance Materials division can be found here.


Exciting and diverse activities, of course - but that's not all. Our competitive advantage lies in the different business and research fields as well as in our size. This gives you a wide range of international career opportunities within the company as well as a secure and reliable employer.

Competitive compensation and many additional benefits make us attractive to the best experts and specialists. In addition, a good work-life balance is of great importance to us.

We call this "you@BASF" and have summarized it for our site in a way that is appropriate for a chemical company, in a periodic table.

Depending on the phase of life and your individual situation, you can choose from a wide range of additional benefits, such as company pension and health care plans or life and accident insurance. In addition, there are internal employee events, our delicious canteen offer and other external offers such as the Persil laundry service, all of which "make life easier"...!

Our wide range of activities and career paths enable you to drive your own development, improve your performance and fully realize your potential at every stage of your career. This includes important components such as our apprenticeships, school-based as well as student internships to inspire new employees to join BASF. Become a "magician" at BASF Polyurethanes in Lemförde.

A good working environment is the key: attractive, safe, responsible and team-oriented...! At the same time, we know that our life is more than just work and offer flexible options here as well. Vacation care for our employees' children, crèche places in the Lemförde joint municipality, offers of social and life counseling, compatibility of work & family through flexibility and mobile working are just a few important building blocks in this area. The offer is rounded off by our eleven team sports and other health-promoting measures, such as our "Healthy & Fit" sports program, Hansefit and general health checks.

We value the performance of our employees. Through variable payments and bonuses, value accounts and the attractive BASF share program, we offer our employees more than "just" pay. 



Are you a clever mind, do you have ideas, the necessary commitment and, as a practically oriented person, can also "think outside the box"!


Or have you completed your studies or apprenticeship and are ready to bring your freshly acquired expertise into your everyday working life?

With our international orientation and broad-based business units, BASF is an attractive employer for skilled workers, university graduates and young professionals in a wide range of specialist areas.

Open positions at the Lemförde site directly via the careers website.


Especially within BASF, among others, START IN trainee programs offer a flexible career entry into different professional fields for ambitious university graduates. We are looking for young talents who impress with their personality and specialist knowledge and who want to take on new professional challenges. Entry into the trainee programs is not possible at the Lemförde site.


Studies@BASF - that's what we call our student interns here at the Lemförde site. 

Become part of the team and combine your scientific know-how & skills with practical experience in a leading chemical company. Experience the BASF world as an intern in a practical semester (project work), as part of a voluntary student internship or write your thesis with us.

Whether you are a scientist, engineer, economist or humanities graduate - what counts for us is your commitment, your talent and your ideas.

We can make you one promise and that is enormously important to us: We are with you, the subject of support resources is a very important factor and the basis for a successful internship and / or writing your thesis. In the end, it's the WE that counts and together we can do it: We are one!

Our Studies@BASF are also active away from the workplace, such as a joint visit "on the Alfsee" with an integrated exchange workshop, a little chill-out at Lake Dümmer or a tour of one of our Technika.

Open positions at the Lemförde site directly on the career website.

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Within families, everyone knows these questions, but often it's hard to describe. "Mom, what does it look like in the lab where you work"? "Dad, how many buildings does your company have"? But not only children are interested in our "world of polyurethanes", but also friends and relatives.  We created the opportunity to give insights and answers with our employee family party in bright weather and best mood. All employees had the opportunity to invite their loved ones, acquaintances & friends and to take a look behind the scenes of the site with us in Lemförde. Of course, the appropriate catering and the general social program could not be missing on this day. But see for yourself....


To master our daily challenges, we often need more than just one material. As BASF, we offer a choice of high-performance materials, application technologies, simulation and manufacturing know-how. This is what we mean by innovation & improved sustainability. We create a solution-oriented approach to all challenges...! Together with our team of materials specialists and our industry-leading portfolio of polyurethanes, as well as engineering plastics, foams and biopolymers, we can develop products in a targeted manner and achieve - or even exceed - goals together with our partners and customers.

You can find out more about polyurethanes from BASF directly on the pages of our Performance Materials division.


...around the Dümmer Lake and the Stemweder Berg...between Osnabrück & Bremen.

Lake Dümmer... the little sea for in between and again!

Right in front of our doorstep lies Lower Saxony's second largest inland lake and combines fascinating nature with active leisure activities. Enjoy the benefits and opportunities in our region to simply switch off and enjoy nature up close on two wheels or on foot, to treat yourself to a time-out on the water or even to use the adjacent Stemweder Berg as an "excursion destination" into nature. Recharge your batteries for exciting challenges and feel directly "at home".

But not only "country lovers" will feel comfortable in our region, but with the nearby cities of Osnabrück & Bremen we have a convenient alternative (DB-Regio), for all those who do not want to miss a little "city life".