Cross Industry Solutions

High-pressure technology

We know what really matters, since we are the only vendor in the world that actually manufactures as well as operates high-pressure components.


When selecting high-pressure components, put your trust in the company that invented high-pressure technology. The synthesis of ammonia based on the Haber-Bosch process was developed in Ludwigshafen around 100 years ago. Ever since then we have been producing high-pressure technology components and systems. Carl Bosch was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1931 for the development of the high-pressure chemical process.

Today we operate within BASF group more than 40 high pressure plants with pressures up to 3.600 bar. In the standard high-pressure range of 325 bar, we produce equipment with a weight of up to 300 t and dimensions of up to 25 m length and a diameter of 4 m in our own workshops.

We manufacture high-pressure equipment in solid-wall and multi-layer designs as well as high-pressure piping with double jacket for reactors and heat exchangers, handling design pressures of up to 5,000 bar at temperatures ranging from –150 °C to +500 °C.

With our experiences in operating high pressure equipment, we develop innovative improvements and safe solutions for material selection, construction, manufacturing and installation.