Keep things flowing smoothly


Support us with complex solutions and your expertise.

To ensure BASF's sustainable success in the global market, we make and implement countless business decisions daily - especially when it comes to procurement and logistics. Securing competitively priced goods, services and raw materials, and offering our customers on-time delivery, quality and security are key factors in our business.

Our procurement activities cover whatever is needed to produce and distribute BASF products, for example raw materials, technical goods or logistics services. We work with competitive suppliers who sustainably contribute to the value of BASF and our customers.

When supplying raw materials and providing technical supplies, or during filling and internal transportation, you, as a member of our logistics team, are an important part in providing basic supplies to our production sites. With innovative solutions you support our customers when distributing their products and buying their raw materials.

As one of our supply chain management team, you oversee the integration of key business processes from end user through original suppliers that provide products, services and information that add value for the customers and stakeholders.