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The Perfectly Balanced Adhesive Solution

AdBalance 3X

Resistance to water whitening, preferred for clear-on-clear labels

Cost + Sustainability + Performance:

Why compromise when you can have all three?


Whether it is body balance, or work life balance, balancing is never an easy task. It is even more challenging to find the perfectly balanced adhesive for today’s increasingly competitive PSA label market. BASF understands your needs, and therefore we took the initiative to develop AdBalance3X.

With our state-of-the-art formulations, BASF’s AdBalance3X series offers well-balanced water-based adhesive solutions that are: cost effective + sustainable + high performing. AdBalance3X comprehensively reduces your total production cost-in-use.






How to Achieve the Perfect Balance?


Pressure sensitive adhesive labels are used everywhere – from the price tag in the store to the wine bottle in your kitchen. Whether your products require premium or standard performance, AdBalance3X is the right choice for you!


The Premium Option

In the premium segment, we understand that you need an adhesive that can achieve more with less. Mission impossible?  AdBalance3X makes it possible!

AdBalance3X reduces your total adhesive cost by lowering the coat weight up to -20%* while maintaining the desired superior performance properties. Even at lower coating weights, AdBalance3X excels in tack and aging properties compared to its peers. Furthermore, AdBalance3X features an excellent adhesion/cohesion profile.

Our AdBalance3X premium solution is highly versatile and easy-to-use.
Versatile - as it allows you to flexibly adjust your performance profile by varying coating weights. Whether you serve applications requiring ultra-high tack or a more balanced performance, AdBalance3X provides you with the ultimate flexibility to tailor your product according to your specific needs. 
Easy-to-use - as it helps you to achieve the ultimate flexibility by using just ONE product, keeping your operations simple and easy. 


*depends on face stock material and the current coat weight

The Performer Option

Our AdBalance3X performer solution utilizes our latest cost-efficient adhesive technology which has been specifically designed to outperform other peers within the standard PSA label segment. AdBalance3X performer solution offers you state-of-the-art products at lower cost, covering both paper and filmic PSA labels! 

In addition to direct cost savings, our AdBalance3X adhesives come with excellent sustainability features. AdBalance3X products are guaranteed to be low in VOC and odor, as well as FREE from harmful chemicals, such as APEO, plasticizers, and formaldehyde. 




We Will Find You The One – All Tailor Made

Everyone defines “The Perfect Balance” differently, so we want to ensure to help you find YOUR Perfect Balance. Our AdBalance3X products are tailor made to address your specific needs according to your market segment, products, and coating methods.

Talk to our technical service team to learn how to achieve such a perfect balance! 



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Make your PSA labels more profitable, sustainable & high-performing like never before.

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