Rethink Food and Agriculture

In 1913, scientists at BASF first discovered the process to enable large-scale synthesis of ammonia – paving the way for the modern nitrogen fertilizers that helped provide nutrition for billions of people around the world. Since then, BASF has continued to deliver innovations to ensure society has access to high-quality, safe, and affordable nutrition.

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Crop Protection & Care

Farmers lose 30 to 40 percent of their crops due to pests and diseases, according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. To reduce these loses and increase food affordability and accessibility, chemists and biologists at BASF develop innovative solutions to help farmers grow healthy, resilient, and pest-free crops to meet the increasing demands of society.


BASF acquired Bayer’s state-of-the art digital farming platform, xarvio™.

xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions

Better oversight, less risk and more reliability for your planning and decision-making – xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions helps you make optimum use of your fields and field zones. Simply and straightforward. You increase efficiency, save time, optimise crop production and crop protection while making a contribution to sustainable agriculture.

 Worldwide, BASF researchers work on new agricultural solutions. In 2019, BASF will spend around €900 million on research and development in agricultural solutions.

Seed & Traits

Farmers know you can’t get a good crop if you don’t start with good seeds. With a cutting-edge biotechnology research platform, BASF is a leading provider of seeds and traits that deliver higher yields, herbicide tolerance, and disease resistance to help growers maximize the potential of their fields.

Animal Nutrition

The demand for animal protein continues to increase. Meeting this demand while preserving the planet’s resources and environment is a challenge that BASF is tackling with innovative chemistry.

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Human Nutrition

Ideally, we all eat a well-balanced diet of mostly fresh food that provides all the essential vitamins and minerals our body needs. But this isn’t always possible. For example, aging affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, or some people may not have access to all the nutrients they require from the food they eat. This is where BASF works to plug the nutrition gap.


Plastics for Agriculture and Food

Plastics have become an indispensable tool in almost all industries – including food and agriculture. But the growing challenge of plastic waste has made society more critical about its widespread use. Innovations from BASF are helping to provide more sustainable options for the industry.