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Who we are

Innovation Campus Shanghai

Innovation Campus Shanghai is the largest R&D site for BASF in the region, and serves as the global headquarters of BASF's Advanced Materials & Systems Research Technology Platform.



  • Over 700 R&D employees
  • Opened in November 2012, phase II inaugurated in November 2015
  • Automotive Application Center, Asia Pacific and Process Catalysis R&D Center inaugurated in 2019
  • Includes Asia Pacific Design Center
    • First regional design consultation center in Asia Pacific opened in May 2016
    • Hosting design-related activities for performance materials, coatings solutions, care chemicals, construction chemicals, pigments and leather chemicals
    • Assisting customers and industrial designers in the various phases of product develop¬≠ment

Research focus areas

  • Advanced Materials & Systems Research
  • Chemical Process Engineering
  • Environmental Catalysts Research
  • Functional Materials and Performance Products Development