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SLENTEX® – The high-performance insulating material for the highest demands

Anyone insulating his walls with super-slim SLENTEX® mats is sure to benefit for years to come in terms of energy efficiency, thermal conductivity, home comfort and fire protection. Do you want to build a new house or upgrade an existing one? Then SLENTEX®, the new high-performance insulating material, is the ideal choice.


The benefits of SLENTEX® for the construction industry

  • Extremely slim insulation
  • Low declared thermal conductivity 19 mW/m*K
  • Non-combustible, A2-s1, d0
  • Open for water vapor diffusion [µ ~ 5]
  • Particularly suitable for slim and efficient facades and elements
  • Mineral-based product

Whatever the project – a new or old building, a private home or a commercial structure. New SLENTEX® is a slim non-combustible aerogel mat and can be used in all areas where thin, highly efficient wall insulation is required. SLENTEX® is flexibly used in areas where other systems run up against their limits and offers customized climate management through high performance.

SLENTEX<sup>®</sup> Feuertest

With our non-combustible high-performance insulation material, it is possible to set totally new standards. Building owners, designers and architects are constantly looking for new materials and systems for the design of sustainable and efficient buildings. Insulation plays a key role here. All the same, facades not only have to be insulated intelligently, but also have to look good. This applies not only to new buildings but also to existing buildings undergoing upgrading and modernization. But how can modern insulation be effective without constraining architects? The new high-performance insulating material SLENTEX® offers them totally new design scope, as it can be used flexibly in areas where conventional materials are pushed beyond their limits. SLENTEX® is an inorganic aerogel in mat form that meets exceptional energetic standards. With a thermal conductivity of declared 19 mW/m*K, the insulation material displays outstanding energy efficiency – while also being non-combustible. So if you want to insulate a house well and cost-effectively, you need no longer say goodbye to attractive architecture. SLENTEX® delivers customized climate management by being water-repellent while also being open for water vapor diffusion [µ ~ 5]. In addition, its flexible mineral fiber structure permits a great deal of scope for design and creativity.


Flexible applications

SLENTEX®’s primary application is in facade insulation, both to reduce thermal bridges and to minimize the wall thickness over large areas and hence increase usable space. Of special importance are applications with strict fire regulations, e.g. as often demanded for high-rise buildings and places of assembly. SLENTEX® is currently available as a 10 mm thick aerogel mat, but can be applied in multiple layers easily. Historic facades, building elements such as balconies, entrance and transitional areas, thermal bridges and uneven masonry are ideal applications for this innovative material. And there’s yet another benefit: The insulation material can be easily and swiftly processed with conventional equipment. The future of construction has already started. With the new highperformance insulating materials for customized climate management.

Flexible Thermal Insulation Solution

Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions.