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SLENTITE® – High-performance insulation with organic aerogel

SLENTITE® is the first high-performance, polyurethane-based aerogel insulation panel that needs only half the space to do the same job as conventional materials.

By drying a gel a novel mechanically stable organic aerogel is produced which has tiny air-filled but nonetheless open pores measuring only 50 to 100 nanometers in size. Researchers at BASF have thus invented a new insulation material which restricts the movement of air molecules, so that heat transfer is reduced, and at the same time is able to adsorb and release moisture.  


The research behind

In this video SLENTITE® researcher Marc Fricke speaks about the idea behind SLENTITE® and explains the course of the project as well as the further development process.

Nanoporiges Dämmmaterial / Nanoporous insulation material
Nanoporous insulation material

Nanoporous insulation material