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Trade News  |  October 19, 2022

Joint News Release

Experimental Toxicology and Ecology of BASF receives certification for Good In Vitro Method Practices

  • First certification by the Institute for In Vitro Sciences based on the guidance document published by the OECD
  • Good In Vitro Method Practices increases the quality in data generated by in vitro test methods and confidence in data generated by newly developed non-animal test methods

Ludwigshafen, Germany and Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – October 19, 2022 – The Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) certified BASF’s Experimental Toxicology and Ecology for Good In Vitro Method Practices (GIVIMP) based on the guidance document published in 2018 by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The GIVIMP document provides principles in quality management which, when implemented, serve to increase the quality and confidence in data generated by in vitro test methods.

BASF’s Experimental Toxicology and Ecology is the first institute to receive this certification. “For us it has always been important to perform our in vitro test methods with high quality to obtain reliable and reproducible results,” states Dr. Susanne Kolle, responsible for GIVIMP implementation at BASF. “The GIVIMP certification provides a third-party testimony to our commitment to quality. Additionally, we will be seeking adherence to these principles by test method developers and laboratories who wish to work with us.”

IIVS, a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the use and acceptance of non-animal, so called in vitro test methods, and a leading provider of such methods, created the GIVIMP certification program to foster uptake and implementation of the quality principles in GIVIMP. “IIVS has been a leader in the application of quality management procedures to in vitro methods for the past 25 years. This certification program expands our work in this area by allowing us to share quality concepts broadly across the industry through use of the OECD GIVIMP guidance document as the globally harmonized standard,” comments Amanda Ulrey, Vice President at IIVS and head of the certification program.

Dr. Sandra Coecke, one of the main authors of the OECD guidance document on Good In Vitro Method Practices says: “GIVIMP is a globally harmonized guidance document embracing the use of best science, innovation, and high-quality cell and tissue-based quality methods. When properly implemented, GIVIMP increases the reliability and integrity of the generated data and related reports and will improve the efficiency of novel method development for evidence-based decision-making.”

The business-to-business certification program is flexible in design and results in a useful gap analysis document which provides the participating organization meaningful input on improving quality procedures. IIVS and BASF hope that this program will help increase confidence in data generated by newly developed non-animal test methods and thereby broaden their application for decision making.


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