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Containerized NAS® Batteries

About NAS® batteries

NAS® batteries consists of sodium as the negative electrode and sulfur as the positive one. A beta-alumina ceramic tube functions as electrolyte, which allows only sodium ions to pass through. When discharging, sodium is oxidized and sulfur is reduced to form polysufide (Na2Sx). The charging step recovers again metallic sodium and elemental sulfur. The battery runs at temperatures of around 300°C. Both elements are in liquid state when the battery is operational. The cells are packed into a module, whereby 6 modules are mounted in one battery container.

We supply containerized NAS® battery systems with 250KW/1.450MWh. The compact form enables easy transportation and quick installation at our customers' sites. Depending on your energy storage need, one or more containers can be installed. Containers have been tested for self-extinguishing capabilities and mechanical stability.


The NAS® battery cells are certified according to UL1973 standard.

Typical layout of NAS® battery system
Last Update September 28, 2022


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