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Use case: Wound healing

In Enluxtra® wound dressings, Luquafleece accelerates healing. The wound dressing absorbs high amounts of wound discharge (exudate) and binds it, at the same time releasing moisture important for healing.



More than 30 million people worldwide are currently suffering from chronic wounds. One reason for this is our modern life style: the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes is rapidly increasing as a result of too little movement and foods that are too high in fat and sugar. Both conditions tend to lead to the development of chronic wounds, which are a burden for the sufferers and a heavy charge on the health system, because treatment is protracted. A chronic wound takes up to 10 months to heal on average. Estimates show that more than 100 billion Euros are spent on wound treatment worldwide.

To accelerate wound healing and reduce treatment costs, BASF has developed an innovative wound dressing together with OSNovative Systems. Based on Luquafleece technology and marketed in USA under the brand name Enluxtra®, this wound dressing creates the ideal conditions for healing. It is especially suitable for treating ulcerous pressure sores (decubitus) as well as diabetic and venous ulcers (ulcus cruris). With this type of wound, the skin is often destroyed right down to the deep tissue, and treatment is usually long and difficult, partly because the properties required of the wound dressing change during the healing process and the wound surface is not subject to the same conditions everywhere. This is no problem for Enluxtra® wound dressings: they adapt continuously and automatically to changing conditions. In places where the wound weeps heavily, Enluxtra® absorbs a high amount of wound discharge (exudate) and binds it. At the same time, the wound dressing reacts to areas that dry out too much. Enluxtra® releases moisture in those zones, preventing biofilms from forming and tissue from dying. Enluxtra® provides protection against bacteria but is nevertheless breathable. Scarring is much less frequent than with other dressings. The special contact surface of Enluxtra® prevents skin tissue from softening (maceration), loosens scabs efficiently and allows dressings to be painlessly and gently removed.

Clinical studies confirm that Enluxtra® wound dressings can be used at all times during the healing process ‒ from the heavy discharge to the dry stage.

Besides its high success rate with ulcers, Enluxtra® has proven suitable as an all-purpose dressing that can be used for burns, surgical incisions and wounds caused by radiation treatment, for example.

Estimates show that

100 billion

Euro are spent on wound healing worldwide.

30 million

people around the world are suffering from chronic wounds.

Enluxtra® can absorb and store


of its own weight of liquid.

Maren Sievert
Maren Sievert
Head of Fleece Solutions