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Use case: Moisture-regulating seats

Nonwovens reduce moisture inside and on the surface of office chairs and car seats. Perspiration-sodden seats are now a thing of the past, even in mid-summer.


Passive climate control seats

Anyone who has to sit for a long time during a car journey or a stressful day at work knows how important comfort is on these occasions. Luquafleece™ provides passive climate control in Ricaro’s lightweight comfort seat in the “smart forvision” concept vehicle and in Vitra’s office chairs. The nonwoven ensures a comfortable seat climate, making journeys and long days in the office much more pleasant. The superabsorbent polymers in the nonwoven reduce moisture, especially in the contact area of the seat. The nonwoven later releases the moisture into the atmosphere.

With its tried and tested durable climate effect, Luquafleece can be processed on rolls like other textiles.

Luquafleece in smart forvision

In 2011, smart and BASF together presented the smart forvision concept vehicle at the International Automobile Association (IAA) exhibition. The car combines unique design with innovative energy efficiency, lightweight construction and temperature management technologies.

Luquafleece is one of the materials used in the smart forvision car. The nonwoven is placed immediately below the surface material of the seat. With its passive climate control properties, it substantially increases seating comfort. The lightweight seat in the smart forvision avoids the complexity of mechanical ventilation and the energy consumption required for conventional climate control seats.

Maren Sievert
Maren Sievert
Head of Fleece Solutions

Everyone loses at least half a liter of moisture in perspiration daily. Heat and physical exercise can increase this to as much as

6 liters.

Germans spend

7.5 hours

a day sitting – in the office, the car, or on the sofa at home.