Core Topics
Core Topics

Urban Living

Smart Cities for the Future

By 2030, three out of every five of us will live in a city.
At BASF, we believe that, despite the many challenges faced by our cities, the future of city life looks better and better. We're helping create the reasons for us all to feel optimistic about the future of our cities. Here, you can learn about the many ways BASF is helping to design that future.
Explore what makes cities smart.

The air we breath

The importance of cleaner air 

The air we breath affects each one of us.

of the world's population lives in places where
air pollution exceeds WHO guideline limits.

Time to change direction

Mobility in the 21st century requires innovation. Discover cities and technologies that demonstrate how to take on one of the challenges of the current century. 

What's ahead for diesel?

Diesel was once considered a wonder fuel – efficient, powerful and, with lower CO2 emissions than gasoline, good for the environment. But recently the arguments against it have begun to mount. Is it clean? Is it safe?

Bird's eye view of New York City's urban canyon

Making buildings more durable

Great buildings and structures are testaments to the ability of man. When buildings become stronger with time, it’s because at BASF, we create chemistry.

Organic tyres

Limited resources and a growing world population require new ways of thinking. One example is the use of bio-based products like wood scraps, dandelions and glucose as complements to crude oil. 

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