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Fields of application

Due to its flexibility, Skynative™ can be used in any type of building and adjusted to building requirements. Skyscrapers, retrofit, underground projects, hospitals, schools, museums, just a few examples of the broad range of applications. At the same time, the system is modular and easy to install, a key requirement of architects and façade builders.

Office Buildings

Lack of natural light results in fatigue and stress, because of disturbance of the biological clock synchronisation. Using Skynative™ in offices, meeting rooms and corridors improves employees’ working conditions and can help to reduce sickness related absenteeism.

Medical Buildings

A comforting ambience is critical in a specialized or healthcare institution. When bringing natural light inside, Skynative™ facilitates the circadian sleep rhythm which is proven to reduce patients’ recovery time and allows them to quickly regain good health.


Education Centers

Natural light stimulates cognitive function and concentration. Introduction in schools allows children or students to benefit from natural light’s positive impact on learning. Skynative™ stimulates children’s’ intellectual growth.


Other Buildings

Museums, retail, industrial and residential buildings, ship cabins, etc. The use of daylight has a broad range of end users.

Skynative™ – Smart Daylight Management in Buildings

Daylight improves performance, promotes well-being and boosts physical and mental health.

About the system

For daylight to reach the interior of the building, it takes perfectly coordinated components: the façade element, the light tunnel and the lighting fixtures.

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