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Who we are

3D-Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Individually shaped objects can be created in layers from various materials, for example plastic, metal and ceramics. The industry has been using the process, also known as additive manufacturing, for several years to produce models, samples and prototypes rapidly and cost effectively. However, in the meantime, 3D-printing technology has developed further and numerous sectors have shown interest in using it for more than prototype creation, because it opens up completely new design options. Complex geometric forms can be produced more quickly and less expensively in small quantities. Items manufactured in this way can also be more easily personalized. 

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Where is 3D-printing used?

Ultrafuse 316LX Metalfilament spools with catalytic converter / Ultafuse 316XL Metallfilament Spulen mit Katalysator

Spare parts for the automotive sector

Spare parts from the printer: the first car manufacturers are exploiting the advantages of 3D-printing and already producing components for small-scale product lines.

Fanwheel / Lüfterrad, Ventilatorrad

Aircraft components

Good for the environment: lightweight functional components will be produced by 3D-printing in future. Lower weight enables reduced kerosene consumption.


Lattice structure / Gitterstruktur

Consumer goods

Consumers are increasingly interested in special designs and tailor-made items.

BASF 3D Printing at You Tube

Find more videos on YouTube under the search term „BASF 3D Printing“.

Products and services

We offer complete material solutions, i.e., we match a material to a 3D-printing process and the target applications.

Our portfolio comprises different polyamide and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powders, numerous plastic and metal filaments, and photopolymers. In addition, we support our customers by offering them a wide variety of services. We provide advice on the most suitable material and the best printing method for the respective application, we optimize designs and we simulate component properties. We also produce items in order to make sure the material solution qualifies for demanding industrial applications.

Always open to new ideas

The use of 3D-printing for industrial manufacture is in its early stages and still requires a great deal of creativity and development work. Drawing on the immense innovation power of the chemical industry, we are always ready discuss our customers’ broader industrial needs and develop 3D-printing solutions to fit their requirements.

Image Gallery

You can find examples for 3D-printing in our image gallery.

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Innovations need strong partners

3D printing is an interdisciplinary field. We have therefore set up a network especially for its industrialization and to establish strong market-oriented cooperation. Our partners include: