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Safety and responsibility

Safety is always our utmost priority and we act responsibly as a reliable part of society. This is enshrined by BASF in its corporate principles.

It means we bear responsibility for ensuring that our products are safe when used as intended and do not present a hazard to people and the environment. When used correctly, products containing nanoparticles do not present any health risks. This has been proved by all the investigations performed so far to evaluate the products, including those in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the applicable chemical legislation. The "nano" scale is not a hazard characteristic. Whether a substance presents a hazard depends on the substance itself and the type of exposure.


Code of conduct

BASF has established a code of conduct to ensure responsible handling of nanomaterials. This code is consistent with the principles of the German Federal Government. It defines the principles on which the employees base their responsible handling of nanomaterials.


More knowledge – more safety

BASF has long experience in the field of nanosafety research and possesses internationally recognized scientific expertise. Besides conducting various internal safety research projects, we also participate intensively in projects with external partners. In the last five years alone, the company has taken part in about 25 different projects, cooperations or partnerships. This enables BASF to share its own research knowledge, gain new insights itself and generally contribute to ensuring that safe nanoproducts are developed.

Ultradur High Speed

Safety for our employees

It is our responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for our employees. The highest priority of occupational safety is not only to maintain but also continuously improve the health protection of employees by ensuring suitable workplace safety measures.