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More knowledge – more safety

To allow us to assume responsibility for our actions and products, we are continuously broadening our substance database and promptly include new information in our risk assessments. This applies equally to nanomaterials and to all other materials in our portfolio.


BASF therefore conducts extensive and internationally recognized safety research. In our work with nanomaterials, we concentrate on investigating nanoparticles. We then also examine whether exposure to nanoparticles is possible during production, processing or for the end user.

We also participate in research projects with independent authorities and scientific institutions, for example to evaluate the long-term effects and associated risks even more effectively and establish limit values when necessary.

Recognized standards for assessment

BASF assesses products that contain nanoparticles in accordance with the applicable chemicals legislation. The internationally recognized OECD methods and test guidelines are fundamentally suitable for testing nanomaterials. This has been confirmed by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in its publication "Nanosafety at the OECD: The First Six Years".

Dechema has also published an overview of its safety research activities in its Publications on safety research.

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