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What we're like

Working at BASF: We connect to create chemistry

We are proud of strong history of innovation, which has helped make us who we are today – the world's leading chemical company. Every day, our global team of over 117,000 individuals work together to turn visions for sustainable solutions into reality by connecting with one another and sharing our knowledge.

The right people are crucial for our sustainable success. We aim to form the best team by bringing together people with unique backgrounds, experiences and points of view. Our differences make us stronger and more vibrant. And an open, creative and supportive work environment inspires us to achieve exceptional results.

We support our team through our compelling Total Offer, which goes way beyond base pay. We offer a host of learning and development opportunities, a safe and reliable work environment, and competitive health and retirement benefits to support you and family.


Bringing People Together: We focus on connectedness

We connect people and knowledge to solve global problems for a sustainable future.                                                                                    

Moving Individuals: We promote engagement

Nobody wants to play the same game over and over. If you want to make a difference and create something new, you have to explore new ways.

Taking Responsibility: We care for others

We believe in the idea that a company is only as good as its employees. At BASF, we put a priority on caring for and supporting our employees on everything they do. We care about our employees by offering a safe, reliable work environment.

Motivating People: We keep thinking

We put lifelong learning first by offering a wealth of development opportunities.


What it means to work at BASF

We have a unique corporate culture. And we are proud of it, because it made us what we are today - the world's leading chemical company. By connecting people and sharing knowledge, we create sustainable solutions for us all. By offering a safe and inspiring work environment, we motivate our employees to produce exceptional work. By promoting the active engagement of our employees, we have success in the long term.

We form the best team. Because we are creative and open - across all areas. Because we are responsible. Because we think in an entrepreneurial way. That’s how we combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection.

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What you'll get

At BASF, employees enjoy a unique total offer of benefits, compensation, learning and development opportunities, and safe and caring work environment. Have a look at some of the elements that makes BASF an attractive place to work.