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Special – 150 Years

Innovation Nation

An idea challenge launched by an Australian NGO encourages young people to think about solutions for future challenges.

Creating space for innovative ideas for the future

BASF combines 150th anniversary celebrations with reflections on the challenges of the future – together with employees and partners.

Now online! EXPERIMENT 150

BASF’s 150th anniversary Documentary


The nature of memory

Memories help determine who we are. To enable us to remember, many areas of the brain need to interact.  

Looking back into the future

The history of a company says something about its values: It influences the image of a company, its corporate culture as well as its day-to-day business.

Milestones in BASF’s history

Ever since BASF’s foundation in 1865, there have been important milestones: a look at innovations that shape the past, present and future of BASF.