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MidGa Site Information

MidGa is comprised of plants in Daveyville, Toddville, Edgar, and Gordon, GA, Dixie Mine in Toomsboro, GA, and Washington County Mine in Sandersville, GA, and treats kaolin clay for use in the paper, paint, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, and related industries.

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Contractor Safety

Kyle Williams, Contractor Management Coordinator

NOTE:  BASF considers all documents you download and/or print from this page non-controlled.
Document Number Document Title
SAF-FO-0209A Orientation and Pre-Job/Pre-Access Checklist
SAF-FO-0209C PTP Example Form
SOP-110 Contractor General Rules and Regulations
SOP-110S Contractor Safety Summary
SOP-0165 Contractor Sign In/Out
EP-0012 Severe Weather Emergencies
SOP-002 Confined Space Entry
SOP-003 Hazardous Energy Control
SOP-003a Hazardous Energy Control Appendix
SOP-0102 Dress Code Policy
SOP-0103 Compressed Gas Storage and Handling
SOP-0104 Railroad Crossing Policy
SOP-0105 Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards and Identification of Piping System
SOP-0106 Safety Eyewear Policy
SOP-0107 Protective Footwear
SOP-0111 Fall Protection Guidelines
SOP-0112 Hot Work Permit Procedure
SOP-0113 General Safety Rules
SOP-0115 Knife Policy
SOP-0119 Safety Barricade Procedure
SOP-0122 Glove Policy
SOP-0130 Hazard Communication
SOP-0135 Site-Specific Safety Rules
SOP-0138 Safe Work Procedure
SOP-0145 Contractor Respirator Program Requirements
SOP-0146 Crane and Rigging Procedure
SOP-0147 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
SOP-0149 Hydroblast Procedure
SOP-0151 Compressed Air Use for Cleaning Purposes
SOP-0153 Safety Eyewash and Shower Procedure
SOP-0155 Battery Charging, Handling, and Storage Procedure
SOP-0157 Fire Extinguisher Inspection Procedure
SOP-0159 Job Hazard Analysis
SOP-0167 Portable Ladders
SOP-0203 Safe Excavation Procedure
SOP-0208 Contractor Management and Oversight
SOP-0209 Contractor EHS Management