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Acrocrete Wall Systems

Acrostop R

Acrostop R is a one-component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/water-resistive barrier. Waterproof and resilient, it may be spray-, roller-, trowel-, or brush-applied directly to approved wall substrates.

It provides excellent secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including EIFS, stucco (slip sheet required), brick, siding and metal panels.

Listed in the ICC ESR-1878.

Meets ICC-ES AC212 water-resistive barrier tests   One fully qualified air/water-resistive barrier material for the entire building
Meets requirements of ICC-ES AC 148   Can be used as a flexible flashing in rough openings or through-wall penetrations
Meets ASTM D 1970 Nail Sealability Requirements   Self-sealing
Approved for Acrocrete Wall Systems   Full system warranty with Acrocrete EIFS and stucco wall claddings
Liquid-applied, continuously-bonded membrane; eliminates seams, lap joints and staples   Transfers wind loads directly to the substrate
One component, water-based, very low VOC content   Safe for workers and the environment, low odor, easy application
Nonflammable as applied   Promotes workplace safety
Compatible with lightweight, low-cost spray equipment   Fast, easy economical application
No primer required   Single pass application on most substrates