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Micro surfacing

Micro surfacing surface treatments extend the service life of existing pavement by waterproofing the pavement base and sub-base. Micro surfacing involves the placement of a polymer-modified slurry mixture consisting of dense graded aggregates, asphalt emulsion binder, mineral fillers, additives and water onto the existing pavement. Micro surfacing applications typically have a surface life of up to 10 years or longer, and they help improve skid resistance. Micro surfacing slurry mixtures are mixed and placed by a single machine designed specifically for this purpose.

NOTE - Existing engineered pavements receiving these surface treatment applications must show no signs of base or sub-base failures and have minimal surface distress. Applications should be on dry and clean pavements only. Applications should only performed with ambient temperatures of 50° F or higher, and no forecasts of rainfall within 48 hours of completion. Aggregates should be tested for proper gradation, cleanliness and compatibility with the proposed liquid asphalt binder.