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Interior & Exterior Durability

The Hot Tire Resistance Test

The ability to resist peeling or imprinting after contact with hot tires is an essential performance trait of concrete coatings. Here’s how the Joncryl® product line stood up to hot tires.

Improving Stain Resistance

How do you improve stain resistance? First we have to understand the molecular makeup of the stains we are defending against. Read how consumer research and science are combining to improve stain resistance and washability. 

paint wall

Engineered to Perform: Acronal® EDGE 4750

A high performance all acrylic latex designed for interior and exterior flat to semi-gloss paints, Acronal EDGE 4750 unites the requirements of a primer and top-coat, trapping existing stains.

Formulation Solutions: The Durable Paint and Primer in One


The DIY market has been focused on Paint and Primer in One, but the focus has shifted to durability. That means it needs to be scrubbable and resist household stains—while still imparting normal paint and primer qualities.

This bulletin provides a formulation, as well as formulation guidelines, for achieving a semi-gloss paint using Acronal EDGE 4750.