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Efka FA 4611

Low viscosity with higher pigment loading

Efka® FA 4611 is a solvent-free dispersing agent (acidic polyether) which shows excellent stabilization of inorganic pigments, in particular titanium dioxide. With Efka FA 4611 high pigment and filler loadings, strong reduction of mill-base viscosity and an improved rheological behavior can be achieved. Efka FA 4611 is broadly applicable because of its solvent-free character and it is compatible in a wide range of resin systems and suitable for high gloss systems. Efka FA 4611 is suitable for solvent-based and solvent-free industrial and OEM/refinish coatings, wood coatings, composites, printing and packaging.

Performance highlights

  • Solvent-free product - suitable for high solid and 100% solvent free solids
  • High pigment and filler loadings
  • Strong reduction of mill-base viscosity
  • Improved rheological behavior
  • Broad compatibility in a wide range of resin systems (e.g. UV-acrylic, PUR, UPE, epoxy)
  • Suitable for high gloss systems
  • Increased hiding power


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Value card: Efka FA 4611

Solvent-free dispersing agent for inorganic pigments in 100% systems, solvent-based coatings and printing inks.

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