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Irgarol 1051

Irgarol® 1051 is a highly specific and effective inhibitor of the photosynthesis of algae, thereby providing outstanding performance in their control.  Combined with its very low water solubility, it is the ideal choice for use in antifouling coatings.


  • Low solubility in water contributies to very slow leaching rates, extending antifouling action
  • Highly specific and effective inhibitor of photosynthesis


  • Marine and freshwater antifouling coatings
  • Active substance for the formulation of algaecide or slimicide packages to be formulated into marine and/or freshwater antifouling paints for boats and vessels
  • Antifouling paints


Irgarol 1051's slow release chemistry enables an extended maintenance cycle.

Irgarol 1051 acts as an algaecide and can be used in long-life antifouling coatings for marine applications.  It offers very slow leaching rates and extended antifouling action. It can be combined with copper, or copper compounds such as cuprous oxide or copper thiocyanate.

Industrial Coatings: Container Cargo Ship

Industrial Coatings

BASF offers a range of products to meet light, medium, and heavy duty industrial coating applications. 

Irgarol 1051 Value Card

Algaecide designed for marine and freshwater freshwater coatings.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces algae-formed substrates, helping to reduce drag and increase fuel economy
  • Lower maintenance costs