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Joncryl 541

Joncryl® 541 is a waterborne emulsion designed for interior / exterior industrial topcoat applications. When formulated at 50 g/l VOC, it forms a durable coating with early hardness development, good gloss (>80 on a 60°meter) and excellent adhesion to primed surfaces. For wood applications, Joncryl 541 can be used for primers, sealers, topcoats and in self-sealing applications. When compared to optimized higher VOC 1K commercial wood coating formulations, Joncryl 541 demonstrated comparable performance.


  • Low VOC self-crosslinking dispersion
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Early hardness development
  • UV resistance
  • High gloss


  • Compliance to VOC regulations
  • Use in multiple market applications
  • Increased throughput and faster return to service
  • Gloss retention and exterior durability

Joncryl 541 Value Card

All around dispersion for industrial use.


Joncryl 541 can be used in conjunction with a polycarbodiimide crosslinker to enhance performance properties.

Joncryl 541 provides a way to formulate your coating to low VOC levels and comply with future regulation needs.