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Solyfast 0010

SolyfastTM 0010 is a photolatent metal catalyst used to efficiently catalyze a variety of reactions upon exposure to UV light, while exhibiting a low catalytic activity in the dark to ensure a suitable potlife .

Reduce energy consumption

  • Room Temperature vs. 60-80°C
  • Addresses the issue of heating very large objects, heat-sensitive parts, or heavy metal structures

Increased throughput:

  • Short time to dust-free
  • Short time to handling/moving of coated object

Reduce cost

  • Cure-on-Demand
  • Pot-life up to 6 hours
  • Increased fl exibility in process timing

Improved environmental benefits

  • Organotin-free
  • Cold cure
  • End of life recycling

Solyfast Brochure

UV-activated organotin-free metal catalyst.