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United States
Formic Acid

Efficient Chemistry. Formic Acid.

A simple organic acid that is used in countless applications. It combines efficiency with minimal impact on the environment. At BASF, we create chemistry to deliver a whole new world of benefits to oil and gasdeicingindustrial cleaners and descalersanimal nutritionleather and textiles and other markets.

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Additional Solutions

  • Bleaching (wool, cotton, pulp & paper)
  • Coagulation of natural rubber
  • Epoxidizing agent for soybean oil
  • Flavors and fragrance
  • Fuel cells (hydrogen donor)
  • Heat transfer fluids (potassium formate)
  • Neutralization reactions (pH control)
  • Paint removal
  • Polyalcohols (process chemical)
  • Rust removal (metal industry)
  • Varroa mite control (bee miticide)
  • Water well rehabilitation
  • Wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD)

Why Formic Acid?

  • High performance efficiency
  • Low environmental impact


  • Dedicated plant in Geismar, Louisiana
  • Global history of quality and expertise
  • Concentrations: 85%, 90%, 95%, and 99%

BASF brings a world of experience and expertise in formic acid to all the Americas. We operate the only formic acid plant in the Americas to provide a completely integrated, viable and sustainable source for customers in North, Central and South America.

To learn more about BASF’s global production and supply network of formic acid, visit

“The opportunity to partner with BASF in producing new chemistries was a perfect one, which allowed us to leverage their new formic acid production facility and offer a deicer alternative to airports looking to minimize their environmental impact.”

Carla Potts

Business Manager of Nachurs Alpine Solutions