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United States
Formic Acid

Formic Acid for Optimal Animal Performance

In times of worldwide population growth and increasing demand for food, feed hygiene becomes more important. If we want to meet the needs of a growing population, we must produce more from less.

BASF’s Intermediates division offers a range of formic acid products that are certified to be compliant with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). In a partnership with BASF’s Animal Nutrition division, Amasil® was jointly launched in the North American market to provide a safe feed solution. Use of antibiotics in the US are declining as producers find alternative measures to keep their animals safe and healthy. Amasil® is an efficient acidifier for animal feed and water to improve health and feed efficiency. 

Benefits of Formic Acid

  • Inhibits harmful bacteria through the acidification potential of formic acid
  • Supports digestibility of compound feed for better feed conversion and vitality
  • Not carcinogenic, does not promote antibiotic resistance, and can be administered without a Veterinary Feed Directive
  • As buffered mixture, Amasil NA maintains carbon steel infrastructure longer with less corrosiveness 

What our Partners Say about Amasil

“The advantage that Amasil has for us is that it is easy and safe to handle.”

Jesús Méndez Batán

Chief of Nutrition and Research Department, Coren

How Amasil Works

  • Inhibits the bacteria inside and out
    • Dissociated (green) acid molecules decreases the pH of the extracellular environment
    • Undissociated (orange) organic acid molecules can enter into the microbial cell and inhibit enzymatic process and damage bacterial cell DNA
Dual mode of action, inhibits the bacteria inside and out
Formic Acid is the 2nd strongest organic acid with the highest molecular density, meaning it will efficiently inhibit the growth of bacteria with less.
Of comparable organic acid alternatives, formic acid is the most efficient.