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United States
Formic Acid

Household & Industrial Cleaning

Formic acid is used in household and industrial cleaning applications to remove mineral scale such as calcium and iron. It descales evaporators, heat exchangers and other equipment that suffers from scale build-up.

The main application fields include:

  • Households: Descaling and cleaning bathroom surfaces as well as lime scale removal in toilet bowl cleaners

  • Industrial cleaning: Cleaning and descaling of equipment and tanks (e.g. breweries, sugar mills)

Advantages of formic acid for cleaning:

Effective and easier descaling: 

  • Calcium salts form when calcium carbonate is dissolved by means of an acid like formic or phosphoric. The more readily soluble this salt, the lower the risk of salt deposits that reduce acid effectiveness. The calcium salt of formic acid is about ten times more soluble than that of phosphoric acid.

Excellent environmental compatibility: 

  • Formic acid does not release phosphate or nitrate by-products that pose a potential risk of eutrophication. Formic acid degradation consumes the least amount of oxygen among organic acids.