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United States
Formic Acid

Oil & Gas Industry

Added to hydrochloric acid, formic acid facilitates efficient well acidizing by extending spend rates while reducing corrosion of equipment, especially in high-pressure, high-temperature wells. The slower spend rate of formic acid allows for a deeper penetration into rock formations improving production and recovery.

Clear formate brines, derivatives of formic acid, provide efficient weighting for both drilling and completion fluids without solids that can generate sag. They can also aid work over fluids with increased thermal stability and provide an improved environmental profile for clay stabilization in hydraulic fracturing fluids. Clear formate brines are the main ingredients of drilling and completion fluids used for reservoir sections in high-pressure, high-temperature drilling.


Advantages of clear formate brines:

  • No solids to control
  • Good shale stabilization
  • Effective inhibition of gas hydrates
  • Readily biodegradable and environmentally neutral
  • Can be recycled and reused