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eXpand! Blue: Be part of our journey into the deep blue (teaser image)

eXpand!™ Blue EH 6001: Be part of our journey into the deep blue

Boost the intensity of your coatings and increase efficiency with the extended styling options offered by our stir-in pigments.

Performance beyond dazzling impressions – Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral [Header]

Performance beyond dazzling impressions

Apply Pantone® Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral to your plastic designs. Achieve performance that meets dynamic industry requirements using pigments that perform safely, reliably, and brilliantly.

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA [TEASER]
Cosmetics, Coatings, Plastics

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing in Hartwell, Georgia, USA

Discover natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Our experienced employees will guide you through our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.

Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/2021 – Time to break free

Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/21: Time to break free

For the 2020-21 seasons, we embraced two trends with anti-anxiety effects. Incognito invites consumers to take things in their own hand, while Bliss is all about positivity and self-indulgence.

eXpand! Read – Teaser

eXpand!™ Red EH 3427:
Launch into our new universe

Explore infinite styling options with the pioneering stir-in pigment for automotive coatings. Thanks to its easy dispersibility you can boost your productivity and enhance color depth, flop, and sparkle.


Paliocrom® Premium Gold EH1: Capture the sunset

Get maximum chroma with our brilliant metallic effect pigment in automotive and high-performance industrial coatings. Extend your styling options for golden orange-to-red premium colors.

Highest purity for sensitive applications – Key visual
Printing, Plastics

Highest purity for sensitive applications

Contribute to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys. Our pigment portfolio for printing, packaging and plastics is compliant with global regulations and safety standards.

Digital printing

Pigments for digital printing

Impress your customers with colorful products that stand out to drive sales. Our high performance pigments for ink jet and electrophotography deliver transparency with high chroma, superior lightness, weather fastness, and high chemical purity.

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Pigment products [Teaser]


We understand that our customers need a diverse selection of pigments and the global expertise to continue to grow their business. The Colors & Effects brand encompass BASF’s distinct colorants and effect pigments. We offer you a broad and differentiated portfolio to help you stay competitive.

Pigment industries [Teaser]


We serve your industry specific needs. Based on our chemical expertise in the coatings, plastics, printing, cosmetics and agro markets, BASF’s experts offer consultative solutions. Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, we enable your innovation and growth. 

Tablet with silver coating


Looking for information that proves our market leadership in pigments in press releases or moving images? Want to find out more about the industry specific events like the European Coatings Show?