March 31, 2017
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‘Ahead of Time’ – BASF Collaborates with Pantone® to Unveil Spring / Summer 2019 Color Trend Forecast

BASF’s Colors & Effects brand will provide seasonal color forecast to the cosmetic and lifestyle industries

“Haven” and “Masterpiece” showcase textures, concepts and color palettes for beauty market inspiration


BASF has collaborated with the world’s leading color expert, Pantone Color Institute™, to develop regional palettes and highlight Colors & Effects branded pigments along with textures, concepts and formulations for its Spring/Summer 2019 color trend forecast. The forecast, titled – Ahead of Time – was created to inspire global manufacturers of cosmetic and lifestyle brand products.


For the first time, BASF will offer color forecasts twice a year – with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter programs – to better align with the cadence of trends from the fashion and beauty industries and to support customers in the market as they develop seasonal product offerings.


“As a leader in the pigments industry, we have always worked to provide inspirational color forecasts based on extensive fashion and consumer trend research,” said Diane Jansson, Global Business Manager, Cosmetics, BASF. “By partnering with Pantone and by providing a twice-yearly forecast, we have further strengthened our commitment and reach to help our customers create products that bolster their brands and enthuse consumers.”


BASF’s 2019 Spring/Summer palettes are grouped into two collections: Haven and Masterpiece, each offering distinct inspirations.


A Calming ‘Haven’

“The Haven collection for Spring is inspired by the often hyper pace of today’s modern world,” said Jansson. “With people often feeling assailed from all sides, the color palette of Haven offers calming, luxurious and beautifying nude and light-infused pastel tones and features textures that are subtle with unusual sheen effects and protective coverage.”


The collection features translucent gradients, prismatic aqua pearl sparkle, and metallic textures that add refined interest and built-in actives offer multi-functional benefits and protection against pollutants and allergies.


Haven also includes formulation offerings featuring foundation, eyeshadows and lip comfort and enhancement products. For example, the Smooth Coverage Mousseline Foundation provides ultra-smooth enhanced coverage and radiant color. The foundation features Colors & Effect branded pigments, including the Timica® Terra line of absorption effect pigments and Chione™ M SVA, a composition of synthetic mica and lauroyl lysine to enhance the tactile behavior, long-wear properties and hydrophobicity of cosmetic formulations.


Make a ‘Masterpiece’

The Summer 2019 collection, Masterpiece, is influenced by the spontaneous meeting of art, nature and science, curated into surprising textural innovations. With so many choices at people’s fingertips these days, personal customization for each individual is a driving force.


Effect pigments are inspired by natural textures like wood grains, glistening sands and raw minerals, as well as art materials such as cream paint, glass gel and ceramic glaze. With this collection, cosmetic brands are encouraged to experiment and create their own product masterpieces.


“Masterpiece plunges us into the beauty of artified nature,” said Jansson. “Purple-cast blue, teal, and aqua flow alongside golden sand tones and lush floral hues of red, pink, and mauve.”


Masterpiece features several formulations, including an Amethyst Glass Gel Lip Glaze, which provides high shine and enhanced reflectivity with one swipe. The Glass Gel is a new crystal clear gloss that provides a wash of purple to the lips through the use of Colors & Effects’ Flamenco® Summit Aqua and Cellini® Blue effect pigments. Flamenco® Summit Pigments offer up lustrous interference effects that feature increased chromaticity and high color purity to create dramatic visual effects. Cellini® Colors combine clean and intense FDA approved organic colors with pearlescent effect enhancing pigments. They offer a novel, luminescent look that provides distinct color.


BASF will present its Ahead of Time color trends at the upcoming in-cosmetics® show in London in April and at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers Day in May.

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Cosmetic Color Trends 2019 – Haven

Cosmetic Color Trends 2019 – Masterpiece

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