March 15, 2017
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Colors & Effects

BASF expands the color space with pigment solutions at ECS 2017

Firemist® Velvet pigments create authentic patina and rust effects

Paliogen® Red L 3990 enhances styling options for red effect shades


LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY, March 15, 2017 – BASF will present Firemist® Velvet pigments for architectural and powder coatings and Paliogen® Red L 3990 for automotive and high end industrial applications at the European Coatings Show (ECS). Marketed under the Colors & Effects brand, the pigments will be showcased in booth 724, hall 7A from April 4 – 6, 2017 in Nürnberg, Germany.


“The coatings market requires durable advancements that still provide new styling options,” said Rose Qin, global business director, pigments for coatings, BASF. “We continue to expand our product lines working closely and flexibly with our customers while assessing market potentials.”


Rust effects for durable finishes

The Firemist® Velvet pigments shown at ECS include a range of effect pigments for industrial and architectural applications. Firemist® Velvet offers elegant and unobtrusive shines of metal effects with 5 shades: pearl (white), bronze, copper, gold and russet. In architectural coatings, the Firemist® Velvet product family offers unique and warm design options with an aged patina appearance and velvety haptic effects. The ideal solution for high-quality applications: Painters can apply coatings designed with Firemist® Velvets onto plasters, concrete, wallpaper, and wooden surfaces.

In powder coatings, with the addition of Firemist® Velvet pigments, the highly fashionable weathering steel can be mimicked. The BASF team developed a new application technique when applying powder coatings to create this rusty steel effect for architectural applications. The solution results in significantly lower weight in comparison to steel and prevents staining of the façade with rusty run-offs.


Enhancing styling options for red effect shades

Within the BASF pigments portfolio, the Paliogen® perylenes are high performance organic pigments with high chroma and transparency that provide outstanding weathering fastness and good flocculation stability, which promote their use in automotive and high end industrial applications.

The Colors & Effects brand now adds a new member:  Paliogen® Red L 3990. The new development is an extremely saturated blue shade perylene red pigment that simultaneously delivers perfect brilliance, good transparency and high tint strength. Paliogen® Red L 3990 enhances styling options especially for red effect shades. This is made possible through very narrow particle size distribution in an optimized process. The product is suitable for both solventborne and waterborne applications without compromising technical properties like bleeding and dispersibility.

The resulting performance makes Paliogen® Red L 3990 the next step in organic pigment innovation. 


More information on BASF’s pigment innovations at ECS can be found on the Colors & Effects we­­bsite.

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