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Sustainable natural mica mining

The methods we use for the production of natural mica ensure that your products will shine in all their aspects.

Colors & Effects cares about sustainability. This can be seen by the way we handle the mining and processing of one of the main components of many of our effect pigments, mica. This is one example of how Colors & Effects deals with sustainability issues and exemplifies our commitment to the principles we stand for.

After acquiring the natural mica mine in Hartwell, Georgia (USA), BASF’s Colors & Effects brand decided to pursue a complete in-house sourcing strategy for all natural mica-based pigments. By 2008, all BASF natural mica production was using mica flake mined by our wholly owned facility in Hartwell (shown here) and further processed and finished at two other USA facilities.

Natural lakes

Natural lakes on the Hartwell property provide water for processing the mica. The water is totally recycled back into the lakes without harming the environment.  

Land reclamation

Reclamation provides forested lands and wetlands for wildlife habitats. For example, a prior mica mine area was reclaimed to form a new lake.

Returning unused material

Our open pit mica mine contains high quality mica flake. The mica ore is excavated and stockpiled for processing. Separated clay and sand as well as unusable mica is returned to the site.

We serve your industry-specific needs

Based on our chemical expertise in the coatings, plastics, printing, cosmetics, and agro markets, BASF’s experts offer consultative solutions. Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, we enable innovation and growth.


BASF offers end-to-end and single source solutions to the architectural, automotive and industrial coatings markets.



We bring the breadth and depth of color performance to the plastics industry, providing you with consistent, reliable quality.



A sophisticated look and feel sells; rely on our enhanced colors and effects for your printing and packaging needs.



Renowned brand owners in the cosmetics market rely on our effect pigments to provide their products with color, texture and sparkle.

Pflanzenschutz der Zukunft / The future of crop protection


Our portfolio includes colorants and tailor-made solutions for agricultural applications. Our knowledge offers value for brand owners to protect their brand and fulfill regulatory demands.