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Creating revolutionary pigments for automotive coatings

BASF Colors & Effects and Landa Labs introduced a new generation of pigments with the highest quality consistency for automotive coatings. We announced the strategic partnership at the ECS 2017.

eXpand! Read – Teaser

Discover the first product resulting from our strategic partnership

Explore the infinite styling options offered by eXpand!™ Red, the pioneering stir-in pigment for automotive coatings.

Technology partnership

Easily dispersible pigments for higher chroma

The Landa nano-pigment technology – originally developed for the printing industry – is based on smaller size and narrower particle distribution. The implementation of nanotechnology leads to a thinner, higher chroma coating while simplifying its production. This technology partnership of two leading companies in their field has the potential to disrupt the market.

Big history in small particles

Benny Landa founded the Landa group about a decade ago. It has developed a unique digital technology called Nanography® for the commercial, packaging, and publishing markets. Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating matter at the atomic or molecular level between one and 100 nanometers – to create materials with unique properties. Using this technology allows to create a new product range for automotive coatings.