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Colors & Effects


We understand that our customers need a diverse selection of pigments and the global expertise to continue to grow their business. The Colors & Effects brand encompass BASF’s distinct colorants and effect pigments. We offer you a broad and differentiated portfolio to help you stay competitive.  

Colors for cosmetics

Coatings, Plastics & Printing

Get to know our high-quality portfolio including pigments, pigment preparations and colorants for the coatings, plastics and printing industries. Search for pigments that fit to your specific requirements such as color shade, chemical properties, or application field.

Pigments for lipstick


Create a seamless interplay of appearance, feel and scent. From matte to high sparkle, a whole array of effects is possible. Our portfolio offers an extensive variety of white pigments, colors, and iridescent pearls, plus natural-looking, vibrant, shiny, and metallic shades.

Masterbatch pigments


Colorize modern plastic and fiber materials with either masterbatches or dry blends. Our portfolio gives you a versatile range of standard and tailored, high-performance products for a variety of applications in automotive, packaging, construction, household, sports and leisure.

Effect pigments

Featured products

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