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Launch into our new universe

Explore infinite styling options with eXpand!™ Red EH 3427 – the pioneering stir-in pigment for automotive coatings

Resulting from the strategic partnership between BASF Colors & Effects and Landa Labs, we offer a blue-shade red stir-in pigment with intense color depth, stabilized up to the level of primary particle size.

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Widen your horizons

eXpand!™ Red makes use of the latest technology for fast and simple dispersibility, offering a number of advantages over conventional milling methods.

Easy dispersibility

Boost your productivity in the dispersion process with our pioneering stir-in pigment that is fully compatible with modern automotive coating systems.

A cosmic range of options

eXpand!™ Red allows for more intense shades and a wider range of effects compared to conventional automotive pigments.

Enhanced color depth, flop, and sparkle

The combination of high transparency and tinting strength enables intensive shades with unique effects.

Ready for take-off?

eXpand! Read – Teaser

Explore your infinite styling options with eXpand!™ Red

Learn how to boost the production time and costs with our easy dispersible pigment. eXpand! Red enhances color depth, flop and sparkle in your automotive coatings.

eXpand! Blue: Be part of our journey into the deep blue (teaser image)

Be part of our journey into the deep blue

Unprecedented color depth with eXpand!™ Blue EH 6001. Increase the intensity of your coatings while experiencing easy and efficient processing.

Revolutionary collaboration

CEO of eXpand!™ Paul Verhoeven and Technical Director Javier Morcillo-Ruiz are the experts at BASF Colors & Effects. They are using the technology to create this novel pigment series for automotive coatings.