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United States
Colors & Effects

Achieving premium product appeal

Create superior mirror and liquid metal effects. With Metasheen®, our vacuum metalized pigment (vmp) for applications in industrial coatings and printing & packaging.

The integrated manufacturing process of Metasheen® ensures consistent high quality and optimized technical properties. Watch our short production film below. The exceptionally smooth surface of the pigment delivers superior reflectivity for unique and individual effects. The four Metasheen® series vary in shade, hiding power and brilliance, offering various design and formulation options.

Inside Metasheen production

Find out how the integrated manufacturing process in the USA ensures consitent high quality and optimized technical properties.

We serve you industry specific needs


General information

Get detailed information about the four Metasheen® product series and get to know, how to create your own metallic effect coatings with our formulation guide.

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