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Extreme chromatic flash. Always and forever.

With a proven track record extending over a quarter of a century, Paliocrom® aluminum effect pigments are the ideal choice for modern automotive and high performance industrial coatings. They provide excellent hiding and extreme saturation while maintaining a smooth appearance in thin film applications. Paliocrom® offers you maximum chroma and brilliant metallic effects for yellow-to-red premium colors.

The Paliocrom® evolution

It all began in 1983 with the invention of Paliocrom® and the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Work began on Paliocrom® Gold and the first product, Gold L 2000, was presented to customers in 1991. Two years later, the introduction of the first automotive shade “Apache” boosted sales for the Opel Tigra. In 2000 passivated Paliocrom® grades for waterborne applications were invented and in the period from 1997 to 2016 the capacity of the CVD process was expanded four times in line with product developments.

Our timeline shows how the Paliocrom® pigment family has grown to fill the yellow-to-red color range.

The series so far


The well established standard series features cornflake-type aluminum Paliocrom® pigments, offering optimal hiding power, and a smoother appearance.
Paliocrom® grades are recommended for extremely chromatic and light shades with a slight sparkle effect.

  • Paliocrom® Gold L 2000 / L 2020 / L 2024
  • Paliocrom® Orange L 2800 / L 2804



Paliocrom® Brilliant

Made from coated aluminum flakes of the silver dollar type with a very narrow particle size distribution, Paliocrom® Brilliant grades are characterized by greater brilliancy. The series delivers extreme chromatic flash in face with attractive flop behavior.


Paliocrom® Premium

With its very smooth silver dollar flakes coated in iron oxide, Paliocrom® Premium pigments simultaneously deliver superior travel, DOI, and hiding. This is possible due to a very narrow particle size distribution and passivated flakes to provide gassing stability. The resulting extraordinary brilliance and unmatched styling options make this the new benchmark over a wide color range.