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Paliocrom® Premium Gold EH1  

Paliocrom® effect pigments are an ideal choice for modern automotive and high-performance industrial coatings. They provide excellent hiding power and extreme saturation while maintaining good appearance in thin-film applications. With our silver-dollar-type pigment Paliocrom® Premium Gold EH1 you get maximum chroma for highly brilliant metallic effects in premium colors.

Unique color appearance

  • Maximum chroma, lightness, and gloss
  • Golden orange-to-red effect shades

Versatile processability

  • Gassing stability
  • Hiding power supporting modern paint technologies
  • Adhesion with just one universal grade
  • Suitable for solvent- and water-based systems

Chemical composition

  • Very smooth thin silver dollar flakes with iron oxide coating
  • Optimized particle size distribution

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Get the most out of your premium color with maximum chroma